Winter in New Zealand

November 1, 2017




Happy Halloween everyone. It’s been so long since I have written a blog. Being back in the states has been an absolutely crazy ride. It’s been non-stop movement since starting back at school. I got a new job and my classes are honestly kicking my ass. And I’m only five weeks in! I blame it on the ten-month break I had, it has been taking me time to adjust and remember what studying hard is actually like. I did just finish my last midterm though! So tonight is a big sit in with the roomies (stranger things marathon and wine to celebrate the holiday obviously).


Also to celebrate I’ve decided to finally post some pictures of my winter in New Zealand. I officially have tickets to go back to New Zealand in December to see my family for Christmas, winter was nice… but I’m more than excited to be there for summer and see even more of the islands.


Anyway keeping it short because I still have much school work to do tonight and I wanna get started on my Stranger Things marathon, Happy Halloween and have an extremely spooky Tuesday!


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