Stockholm Syndrome

September 26, 2017




I just arrived back in the states last week, after ten months abroad. I spent my first few days back with my aunt in San Francisco, visiting my baby cousin who was born while I was abroad. But now, as of two days ago, I am finally back in Oregon. I’m already moving 100 miles a minute and have so much to do. I moved into my apartment two days ago and today was my first day of classes. It definitely feels like a big adjustment being back. It’s funny because I never expected to have culture shock coming back from being abroad, but reverse culture shock is insanely real. I’m excited but also not at all excited to be back, if that makes sense.

I am currently compiling a list of things I missed about the USA and things I did not miss at all, so there is definitely a blog post in the future about what it is like being back in the country after ten months abroad. I finally was able to go to Trader Joe’s and eat amazing Mexican food again!!!!

Although, with all the chaos happening now that I am back and starting my final year of university, I still am reminiscing and wishing I was traveling. Apparently, ten months and sixteen countries was not enough for my soul. I especially miss Scandinavia, I already am mentally planning my trip back, but alas, instead to satisfy my psyche, here is my blog from Stockholm, and a sharing of Scandinavian photos and some tips on what to do Sweden’s capital.


Some of the best places to visit during your time in Stockholm:

Gamla Stan


Vasa Museum


Moderna Museet


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