Climate Change in Phuket

September 26, 2017


Honestly, this blog is not even going to be about my travels to Phuket, Thailand. I really want to take this blog and instead of relaying an interesting story or giving some tips about Phuket… I going to take these paragraphs and discuss climate change.  One of Thailand’s main industries is tourism and Phuket is one the top list of main attractions, a fact so apparent in the way the city runs. Every year over five million humans are visiting Phuket, which is a city of under 400,000. And, I’m not sure if this was because of the visitors, but regardless, some of the things I saw while visiting Phuket were just appalling. Never in my life have I seen such visible signs of the reality of global warming.


There was trash EVERYWHERE, it is evident that Phuket is not designed to handle a number of visitors it has, there are no trash cans directly on the beaches, but rather, right outside the entrances, and, as a result, humans are leaving piles and piles of built-up trash on the beaches and on the streets. The beach right down the street from our Airbnb, Kata Beach, had a pile of what looked like two weeks worth of trash sitting by the entrance. Trash purposefully leftover on the beach, even though, there was a trashcan ten meters away across the street. The laziness of humans to not clean up after themselves, or to not walk across the street just astounded me. This huge pile of trash was just sitting on the beach… there were plastic bottles, plastic bags, metal cans… just 5 meters from the ocean. But, this was not even the beginning of it, one of our final days in Phuket was spent on a snorkeling trip to the Phi Phi Islands. The Phi Phi Islands, one of Thailand’s second most popular tourist destinations is about an hour long boat ride from Phuket. On the boat trip there, I literally started crying due to the amount of trash I saw floating in the crystal waters. From Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands there was a horrifying steady stream of plastic bags, plastic bottles, metal cans… you name it… floating all around us. Everywhere we stopped to snorkel, all I could do was just witness the frightening truth and contemplate what we are doing to our planet. The coral was entirely dead in each spot we stopped, and, at one point, I even witnessed a plastic bag completely wrapped around a piece of coral while a fish nibbled at it, and I could do nothing but watch and think of the part humans of played in this destruction of our world.


These fish living in the reefs were swimming among our human mistakes, WE were swimming among our own unsustainable overuse of resources. Swimming in the water on the beach from the Leonardo Dicaprio’s movie, The Beach, was nauseating. You couldn’t step into the water without moving pieces of trash out of the way. The beauty of Phuket was ruined by our own consumption. I can’t even write about my wonderful time in Phuket because this human reality overtook my entire consciousness. The fact that humans still believe climate change is a hoax is just unbelievable to me when there is so much VISIBLE evidence stating otherwise. We, as humans, NEED to start taking action and clean this planet up, we are KILLING our beautiful planet. We share this world with so many other living things, and it is not ours to destroy.




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